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On the range of Pierre Montale's most popular scents rises the spirit of the oud, keeper of traditions at the gates to the east. Fragrant Asian ointment commonly used in the gulf region and Saudi Arabia, this scent is extracted from the oud tree. A secret millennia process kept away from light during several years. Subjugated by his infinite combinatorial properties, Pierre Montale became the first exporter of oud for the west. He will then compose more than a hundred of timeless fragrances.

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Our « Eaux de voyage » can be seen as real "chords" and be mixed and matched !

To Mix and Match fragrances ... for a personalised perfume ... An old recipe in the art of perfumery, still existing. Pioneer of the personalised perfume - since the 70's, her founder Josée Fournier suggested her customers to feel free to be creative - Comptoir Sud Pacifique bring up perfume's customization. A personalised fragrance simply created, along the seasons, according to our desires and moods, by mixing 2 or more creations from the collection Eaux de Voyage.

With an infinity available combinaisons, your perfume becomes then a full extension of your personality, a real emotional ID. Reserved in the past for sophisticated customers, this « olfactory do it yourself » is today more trendy than ever.. In a society where everything seems more and more normalised, what could be more pleasant than knowing that the fragrance you wear is juste like you : UNIQUE.