On the range of Pierre Montale's most popular scents rises the spirit of the oud, keeper of traditions at the gates to the east. Fragrant Asian ointment commonly used in the gulf region and Saudi Arabia, this scent is extracted from the oud tree. A secret millennia process kept away from light during several years. Subjugated by his infinite combinatorial properties, Pierre Montale became the first exporter of oud for the west. He will then compose more than a hundred of timeless fragrances.

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How to Spray

on January 04, 2024
Fragrance is an art that is intended to last, To ensure that your Montale Parfum fragrance lasts throughout a healthy life span, follow these tips from our very own master perfumers.

1. Hydrate Your Skin:
Before applying any fragrance, make sure your skin is well-hydrated. Dry skin tends to absorb and dissipate fragrance more quickly. After showering, moisturize your skin with an unscented lotion or cream. This creates a smooth and hydrated base for the fragrance to adhere to, allowing it to last longer.

2. Apply to Pulse Points:
 Concentrate the application of your Montale fragrance on your pulse points. These areas emit more heat, enhancing the diffusion of the fragrance. Common pulse points include the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and inside the elbows. Applying the fragrance to these warm areas helps to activate and release the scent throughout the day. Make sure not to rub these areas after application, as this will dissipate the molecules of the fragrance.

3. Layering Technique:
Use a layering technique with the same scent or complementary products from the Montale Parfums collection to ensure longevity. Start with a matching travel spray to create a subtle, layered effect. Layering enhances the fragrance's longevity and ensures a consistent and well-rounded scent experience. Be cautious not to over-spritz; small amounts of concentrated oil-based fragrances have high projections.

4. Storage Matters:
Proper storage can also impact the longevity of your fragrance. Ensure you find a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. Exposure to light and heat can alter the composition of the fragrance, affecting its overall quality and lifespan. Keeping your bottle in your bathroom is a common misconception for the storage space of any fragrance. As we see high Keep the bottle tightly closed to prevent evaporation and preserve the integrity of the scent.

Following these steps from our master perfumers will enhance the longevity and lifespan of your Montale Parfum's olfactive journey. Create a space in your home that not only displays your arts, but enhances their overall health.