On the range of Pierre Montale's most popular scents rises the spirit of the oud, keeper of traditions at the gates to the east. Fragrant Asian ointment commonly used in the gulf region and Saudi Arabia, this scent is extracted from the oud tree. A secret millennia process kept away from light during several years. Subjugated by his infinite combinatorial properties, Pierre Montale became the first exporter of oud for the west. He will then compose more than a hundred of timeless fragrances.

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on May 08, 2024

Met Gala 2024: Fragrant Fashion

The Met Gala never fails to astonish with its amalgamation of high fashion and thematic brilliance. This year, as the stars descended upon the iconic steps, they didn't just showcase their sartorial splendor; they embodied fragrances, each ensemble a olfactory masterpiece waiting to be savored. Let's take a dive into this aromatic extravaganza.

A delicate blend of rose petals and dew-kissed garden greens, encapsulating the elegance of a garden statue brought to life. Inspired by Kylie Jenner's custom Oscar de la Renta ensemble, this fragrance evokes the timeless beauty and grace of a blooming rose garden. Just like the fragrance, her presence was timeless and captivating.
Main Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla

Lana Del Rey mesmerized in a custom Alexander McQueen design, evoking an aura of dark romance. Her ethereal ensemble, akin to the woody and mysterious scent of Santal Wood, exuded an irresistible charm. As she commanded the Met steps, her presence lingered like the subtle yet enchanting fragrance, leaving an indelible impression.
Main Notes: Sandal Wood, Nutmeg, Cardamom

Eiza González transported us into a fairy tale realm with her custom Del Core gown, adorned with organza petals. Much like Roses Musk, her attire exuded a delicate yet alluring charm, with deeper rosy hues adding depth and intrigue. As she graced the red carpet, she left a trail of enchantment, reminiscent of a timeless love story.
Main Notes: Dewey Rose, Musk

Gigi Hadid epitomized summer bliss in Thom Browne's vision of The Garden of Time. Wrapped in layers of white silk and adorned with 3D yellow roses, she embodied the essence of Soleil de Capri. Her attire, much like the fragrance, emanated warmth, joy, and the intoxicating allure of a sun-kissed paradise.
Main Notes: Citrus, White Flowers, White Musk

Zendaya graced the gala in Maison Margiela's blue masterpiece. Her attire, with its dramatic headpiece and hand-painted metallic accents, mirrored the captivating allure of Blue Matcha. Like the fragrance, her presence was refreshing and invigorating, capturing the essence of a mysterious beauty.
Main Notes: Patchouli, Blue Matcha, Cedarwood

A sparkling bouquet of crystal-clear blossoms and precious stones, reflecting the beauty and sophistication of a red carpet goddess. Inspired by Jennifer Lopez's Schiaparelli couture gown, this fragrance dazzles with its radiant allure and timeless glamour.
Main Notes: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Mandarins

In a whirlwind of fashion and fragrance, the stars of the Gala   transported us into a realm of sensory delight. Each ensemble, a fragrant masterpiece, told a story of beauty, passion, and the timeless allure of haute couture.